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Mar. 20th, 2006 | 11:03 pm
posted by: hatake_iruka in sanzo_hakkai

Title: I Can't See the Shore
Author: hatake_iruka
Pairing: 83 after a while
Rating: PG-13 i suppose
Notes: I would normally call this a drabble since it was done so quickly, but that's a minor detail. This was inspired by a rp my gf and I had going on. more notes after the writing....

"Sanzo?" I looked around. There was no answer. "Sanzo...?" I called again. Still no answer. Everything was dark. I couldn't tell up from down, right from left. Where was I? "Sanzo?!!" I screamed again. I didn't like the black... the void which had eaten me whole. I...I couldn't stand it. Save me...someone...save me.

Suddenly, I heard a voice. "Gonou?" A blue light with a soft voice...how pretty...I...I fallowed it. I needed to...It was hope. Hope for more then this blackness. It was my hope... I chased that sphere. For three years, i chased it. When suddenly, it was gone.
Just like that. Something grabbed my leg. It pulled me away. Back into the darkness. Further and further..then, it stabbed me. Bit me, damn near killed me. Until I saw a hand. I reached for it. Grabbed it. Took hold and it pulled me up.
"You dead, buddy?"


That hand was covered in red. Covered in blood...so was I.

The world was black again soon. The hand was no where to be seen. Nothing was what I saw. And I was sick of it...
One eye gone. One to go.

Then, my one good eye was blinded. The world had gone deaf except for one voice, "Hakkai?" There was a white light. So pure...so..dreamlike. It didn't belong in this darkness. I reached up to push it away. But instead, it embraced me. And pulled me away from the darkness instead.
How I needed that white light
How i needed that salvation
How I needed my Sanzo...


Extra notes: Okay, just to clear up somethings. The calling Sanzo in the beginning was because in the rp Sanzo and Hakkai had met before as Kouryuu and Gonou. Something like Koumyou wanted to visit the Mother Superior of Gonou's orphanage. But yeah... The blue light is Kannan of course. The monster that grabs him in his own insanity and demon side. The red hand is Gojyo and the light is well, we all know who that is.

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from: guardian_yugi
date: Apr. 16th, 2006 09:14 pm (UTC)

What's odd is my best friend and I are RPing a Kids RP where Gonou, Gojyo, and Kouryuu have all met as kids, but their future selves are there watching them. Koumyou seems to know what's going on and Sanzo's having a hard enough time dealing with how to go about talking with the master he knows is going to die.

It turns out to be an illusion brought forth by someone in order to reawaken the happy childhood memories they lost upon having those terrifying events happen to them in childhood or in Gonou's case, adulthood.

Tis neat.

I think:

How I needed that white light
How I needed that salvation
How I needed my Sanzo...

could just say

How I needed that white light
How I needed that salvation
How I needed Sanzo...

That would be more effective than the whole 'my Sanzo.' dealy. It makes Hakkai seem like he's begging whereas I simply don't think he'd say something like that in the end. I'm a stickler for IC though, so I may just be talking out of my ass.

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