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Save Me From Myself

A sanzo/hakkai community

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This is a community for Sanzo/Hakkai-Hakkai/Sanzo lovers out there.

I made this comm to share my love for the couple, and hopefully you'll join to share your love!! =D

1: Yeah, limit down on cussing i s'ppose
2: If one must critize on something, be sure to ask if that person is open to critique if they have not already stated so, and even then use creative critique. dont just go "ZOMGWTFBBQ YOU ARE TEH S0X0RZOMG!"
3: which brings me to my next point. Use proper english, my friends. I myself am a fan of 1337 but i know when to hold my 1337 tongue. 1337 will only be accepted if you're trying to make a point across, for example:
"Yeah, my brother say this and had the best ZOMGWTF?! face on"
But do not make an entire post in it.
4: Fanfiction, fanart, and even cosplay photos of all sorts are welcome. but please, use this layout:
Subject line: [insert title of fic here]
[insert any ramblings you have about the fic here]
[insert URL or lj-cut here]

Subject line: [insert random title here]
[insert any ramblings you have about the art here]
Work safe? y/n
[url or lj-cut here]

and you can make up your own layout for cosplay pics >>;

But anyways, that is all for now. Have fun!!